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The information provided on this website is the sole ownership of M/s Occult Astrology. The purpose of this website is to help serve the people with a view to suggesting them the position of stars from time to time so as to enable them to plan their future accordingly.

The advice given on the website is done in good faith for the benefit of the readers and any information given by us may not be taken as a guarantee or a commitment but an Shishir Astro suggestion. It is only a reading or opinion given to the best of our knowledge. Any reliance of our information shall entirely be your own discretion and we shall not hold any responsibility for any of your actions by relying upon our reading/consultancy/suggestion which should only be treated as an opinion given basing on our experience or research work, but we take no liability for any of your actions or damage accrued by you.

Shishir Astro may make improvements in the products and services content of the website at any given time.

We shall not accept any liability from any quater directly or indirectly for any loss or damage that may be suffered by anyone due to our opinion, astrological reading or information furnished in good faith. Astrology is only a subject of calculation of stars given in the sky to help boost your moral and to mitigate your tension at the time of crises caused by stars in the form of an astrological suggestion and opinion. This is an express condition with the readers or users.
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